Conversion of Existing Electrochlorination Systems

We are increasingly converting existing outdated and troublesome monopolar and tubular electrochlorination systems to operate with Parallel Plate Electrolyzers (the proven industry standard for large capacity, land-based electrochlorination systems).

Our replacement Parallel Plate Electrolyzers are uniquely designed to slot in and operate seamlessly with the existing equipment e.g. DC Power Supplies, bus bars, piping, hypo degassing tank, etc. in order to complete the conversion with minimum impact to the existing electrochlorination system and to keep costs down.

NOTE: Parallel Plate Electrolyzers are the most popular option for large capacity, land-based seawater electrochlorination systems, because they typically:

  • offer the longest operational life
  • are more efficient
  • are more reliable
  • are easier to maintain
  • have the smallest footprint
  • have the lowest operating cost
Chlor Generators electrochlorination

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