Conversion of Existing Electrochlorination Systems

Let Chlor Generators convert or replace your existing outdated and troublesome monopolar or tubular electrochlorination system with a Parallel Plate Electrolyzer system.

Parallel Plate Electrolyzers are the proven industry standard for large capacity, land-based electrochlorination systems all over the world.

Our replacement Electrolyzers are uniquely designed to slot in and operate seamlessly with the existing electrochlorination system, for example: the DC Power Supply, bus bars, piping, hypo degassing tank, acid washing systems, etc. This is necessary to complete the conversion with minimum impact to the existing electrochlorination system and to keep costs down.

Below are some of the main advantages of Parallel Plate Electrolyzers:

  • offer the longest operational life
  • very efficient
  • very reliable
  • easy maintenance (only routine acid washing required)
  • have the smallest footprint
  • the lowest operating cost
  • replacing redundant electrolysers with new ones are quick and easy
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