Technical Consultancy

The purpose of our Technical Consultancy Service is to offer end-users technical assistance when considering carrying out in-house engineering work, e.g. building a brand new electrochlorination system, refurbishing existing electrochlorination systems, etc. independently without relying or depending upon external parties for assistance. Chlor Generators has the necessary experience to assist end-users with all the required technical and engineering support, for example:

In the case of  new / proposed electrochlorination systems

  • to recommend which type of electrochlorination technology would be best for a specific application.
  • to help plan & design the overall electrochlorination system.
  • to make strategic design recommendations e.g. contingency, spare Cl2 capacity, etc.
  • to draw-up GA Plans and P&I Drawings, etc. (See example images below).
  • to help source components and equipment suppliers.
  • in case of offers from electrochlorination suppliers: to assist reviewing technical offers.

In the case of existing electrochlorination systems

  • to audit the overall status, performance, efficiency, life expectancy and all operational & maintenance procedures.
  • to determine the real kg Cl2/h output.
  • to make recommendations regarding potential upgrading possibilities, replacing just certain components or the entire system, etc.

It is important to note that each electrochlorination technology comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the correct electrochlorination technology and ELECTROLYZER type for a specific application can become a very complex matter and can result in very expensive mistakes. Fortunately end-users can rely on Chlor Generators for all the necessary technical assistance.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that before end-users undertake any in-house engineering work to first complete one of our Training Workshops. This will help end-users to get all the necessary theoretical background and know-how on all the different electrochlorination technologies available on the international market. For more information, click Training Workshops

Our team at Chlor Generators is looking forward to hearing from end-users who are interested in our Technical Consultancy Service.

GA plan of an electrolyzer assembly system

GA Plan of a 100 kg Cl2/h Electrolyzer Assembly

Typical P&I drawing of an elctrochlorination system

Typical P&I Drawing

Chlor Generators electrochlorination



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