Reverse Polarity Electrolyzers

Chlor Generators offers the complete range of Reverse Polarity Parallel Plate ELECTROLYZERS for seawater electrochlorination, whether New or Replacement.

Technical details

  • These are also known as Reverse Polarity Plate Electrolyzers or RP-PPE Electrolyzers.
  • Input medium: Seawater.
  • Ideal application: Small capacity electrochlorination systems for offshore platforms or unmanned stations.
  • Available in single modules of: 0.1 ~ 6 kg Cl2/h.
  • NB: Any in-between capacity also available.
  • Modules can be combined into any capacity, for example, ~ 24 kg Cl2/h assemblies.
  • Optional: Available as loose electrolysers or complete frame/stand mounted assemblies.
  • Max hypo concentration is 500~1,000 mg/l Cl2.
  • De-scaling maintenance: Auto self-cleaning, therefore acid washing to remove calcium and magnesium deposits not required.
  • Electrode type and materials: Bi-polar electrodes constructed from MMO coated titanium both cathodes and anodes. (NB: MMO = mixed metal oxides of the halogen group).
  • All other construction materials: uPVC or optional cPVC, optional GRP/FRP coating, EPDM rubber gaskets, optional VITON gaskets.
  • Operational life warranty: 2 years continuous use (although it may operate beyond 3 years).
  • Optional: Designed for either arctic or average/tropical temperature seawater.
  • Optional: Designed for either Safe Area or ATEX Hazardous Area Zones 1 or 2.
Reverse polarity auto self-cleaning electrolyzer cross section

Parallel Plate Electrolyser cross section

Chlor Generators electrochlorination



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